What Skincare Should I Use....?

By Beauty & Skincare Expert: Ruby Chehade


What skincare should I use....?


The question I am asked the most is “What skincare should I use?” with so many choices on the market it can be extremely over whelming but I have a golden rule...... You will need the help of a skin or dermal therapist to help you make that decision. I know in Kuwait this can be a tricky area purchasing a good skincare range as the health laws are different to other places. For instance professional skincare in Australia cannot be found in a pharmacy like Kuwait. So in Australia you would only got to a skin or dermal therapist for that advice. Now whilst in Kuwait you can purchase a professional skincare range from a pharmacy you will need to get the right advice from a therapist.


I do not recommend you purchase your skincare online just to “try” something and if you are going to purchase something online I would strongly recommend that you get it from the company itself meaning if you are going to purchase dermalogica lets say then only from the dermalogica website as there are so many fake products on the market that come out of China that can make their packaging look exactly like it's from dermalogica. The fake market industry is a billion dollar industry. I had a client once that would purchase all of her products from my business. She decided to give one of the websites that was selling dermalogica a go and had a reaction to the product but of course never had a reaction when she was purchasing her products from me. She told me that she no longer liked dermalogica and needed to try something else when I asked why  and she told me she purchased the product online I asked her to bring it in and just by looking at it I knew it wasn't a genuine product and we sent it to dermalogica and they confirmed that it was a fake product.


A lot of companies like Lancome, Dior, Estee Lauder have purchased their make up from these online companies whilst the packaging looked identical the product itself was incorrect in colour, texture and scent. It may look like the real deal but you should always be careful when purchasing skincare, make up and fragrance online because there are times where the online company will purchase stock that has gone passed it's shelf life and the active ingredients are no longer active. Sadly whilst you feel you may be saving yourself some money you end up paying more as you may get a reaction that you will need to treat, you will also end up throwing away the product and you will have to pay again to get the product you actually wanted. So save yourself the time and energy and money and go directly to the company.


Back to skincare I recommend it's endless but I do not recommend you get your skincare from the Supermarket as you will not find the right one there that will make a difference to your skin and they also won't have the right active ingredients that will be of any benefit to the skin. Skincare may seem expensive so you will need to work out what your budget is as there are good quality skincare that will still give you good results you need to spend a fortune. But I do recommend certain products must be used and they are: Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliant, Hydrating Serum, Moisturiser, SPF. There is so much more that I would also recommend but the 6 that I just listed is a good start. I say to my clients when you build a house you need the following, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, lounge room, a dinning room you can't leave any of these out it's just not liveable otherwise. Same with our skin we are looking after it so the 6 products I have listed you build your skin to look and feel healthy and allow you to apply your make up on that will sit well.


I will list a few brands that I recommend



Kirsten Florian

Bioline Jato








There are many more brands that would be of great benefit to the skin and what I look for are the active ingredients used the percentage of those ingredients. Most companies will have a variety of lines of skincare that will be able to treat most skin conditions. Feel free to ask me about any other brand you have come across. What I like about both Bioline Jato and Skyendor is the research and technology they use in their skincare. The molecular structure of their products are known as “nano” structure meaning they work deeper on a more cellular level and will give better results as they will bond with the healthier skin cells to target areas of concern.


If you have any questions feel free to send me an email: findingtheperfectscent@gmail.com


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