Sadu House

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Sadu House

Sadu House was Kuwait’s 1st concrete building.


The Museum

Showcasing age-old artisanal handicraft, the Sadu museum is a historical depository for Bedouin textile weaving and Sadu-style embroidery. Located within Sadu House, the museum promotes a deep cultural understanding of the Bedouin weaving heritage of Kuwait through different representations of the craft and iconic pieces like the House of Hair, men’s cloaks, decorative pieces, and many others. Also, visitors can learn about the weaving process and its critical role in the adaptation of the Bedouin tribes. Our museum seeks to advance conversations between the past, present, and future of this textile heritage as a unique tradition, and ever evolving cultural identity.


To book a live weaving demonstration, please contact the Al Sadu Society administration staff in advance to check upon availability. For more information in regards to booking please contact at


The Shop

You can shop for locally crafted items, from bags to rugs, from pencil cases to dolls, all made by talented Kuwaiti artisans.


There’s also a wonderful coffee shop, serving homemade pastries (with vegan options too) to rest your weary feet after an informative morning at the House.


Official timings for the House, the Museum, and the Shop:

Museum & Shop

8 am- 1 pm

4 pm – 8 pm


8 am – 2 pm

Public Holidays

Eid - the house is closed on the first two days of Eid and we resume regular working hours thereafter.

Ramadan -  Museum: 10 am- 1 pm / 9 pm – 12 am | Administration: 9:45 AM-1:45 PM


For the location please click here:


For more details visit:








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