Summer is Over, But That's When the Fun Starts in K-Town!

By Millie

Summer is Over, But That’s When the Fun Starts in K-Town!


This month sees the beginning of a new season of activities, events & workshops. From learning to speak, read & write Arabic & French, to learning the Oud, singing Opera, dancing Hip Hop, playing rugby or baseball, there really is something going on for everyone.


Here’s a breakdown of what we are aware of to date:


Language Classes:

Learn to Speak French

Classes available at the Institute Francais and at the Reading Room in Shaheed Park

Learn to Speak Arabic

Classes available at the Aware Centre



Learn to Play the Oud

Classes available at Lapa Loyac

Join Kuwaits Most Famous Choir

Join Ahmadi Music Group and take part in the many concerts performed throughout the year, from pop to opera, there’s something for everyone

SIK Singers


SIK contemporary choir, with a fun range of music, and a brand new Musical Director this season. Choir kicks off on Monday Sept 17th at the Fintas studio.



Get those Hip Hop moves at Lapa Loyac and amaze your friends on the dance floor!



If baseball/softball is your thing, then registration has just opened for Kuwait Baseball Softball Challenger League

Want to play Rugby? Whether you’re an experienced player or want to try a new game, Q8 Scorpians welcome EVERYONE, whether male or female, young or old…everyone is welcome!

Kuwait has several running clubs, and Kuwait Running Club have started back for the season.



Staged in Kuwait are having a welcome back lunch to greet old members, but the event is also open to newcomers, click [Here] for details.


Arts & Crafts

BAIA are holding Arts & Craft classes every Tuesday, 14:45 – 15:45, Ages 5-10, call 50962809 for more information.



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