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By Millie

Kuwaits Bookshops


I remember when we first arrived in K-Town there we knew of only one place to buy books written in English…Virgin, Marina Mall, which constantly faced challenges from the Kuwait government with the reading material they stocked, being closed down on numerous occasions due to censorship, and finally they closed for business a few years ago. We had to either purchase books for the children through their school, online (shipping costs were insane), or wait until we travelled out of town. Yes, it was certainly frustrating for a bookworm such as I!


How awesome it is now that there are several book shops across Kuwait, all carrying some fabulous material (though the mark up is sometimes a little crazy when converted into £’s)?! So without further ado, heres a list of bookshops in Kuwait, including the Kuwait National Library:


Q8 Books, Yarmouk Cultural Centre

Located at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre is the non-profit Q8 Books! They have a massive collection of used books, and are non-profit (we love a bargain) so it’s the perfect place to expand your home library!

Open: Sunday to Wednesday 5-9pm and Saturday 11am-9pm.


Muse Lounge, Symphony Mall

This is one of our favourite haunts situated in the basement of Symphony Mall, Salmiya. Muse Lounge is a combination of art-gallery, bookshop & café with some delicious treats. They have comfortable sofas, and workstations, making it a great place to chill with your new read, catch up with friends or even do a spot of study/work. For more information click [Here].

Open: 10am-10pm  daily


That Al Salasil

That al Salasil has been in operation since 1972 and is home to one of Kuwaits biggest bookshops. Located at The Avenues (phase 2), they have enough books to keep you busy perusing all day! BUT, if you know the book you want, and don’t fancy a trip to The Avenues, they deliver too! Just Whatsapp them on 9777.6820 and they’ll drop your selected books straight to your door…..can’t get better than that!

Open: 10am – 10pm daily


Jarir Bookshop

Jarir recently opened their flagship branch at The Boulevard Mall in Salmiya. They have a large selection of books as well as every piece of stationary/art/craft you will ever need.

Open: 10am – 10pm daily


Kuwait National Library

The National Library, situated along the Gulf Road is home to over 60k books. They have dedicated halls for children, teens, audio books and even a hall with the government/UN publicaitons. For more information please click [Here]

Open: 8am – 2pm Sunday to Thursday


Sophia Bookshop, Promenade Mall

The only bookshop we know of in Kuwait that has a piano! Located on the 2nd Mezzanine Floor of Promenade Mall.

Open: 10am-10pm daily


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