Space Month in K-Town!

By Scientific Centre

Space Month at the Scientific Centre


Meet Sophia the Worlds most intelligent AI robot, go on a solar system scavenger hunt, watch an incredible movie, take part in a moon photography workshop...and so much more!


Meet Sophia the Robot, one of the most famous AI robot in the world

24th October

She has appeared almost on every continent and has even appeared on TV with Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith. Take part in a talk with the engineers and scientists that developed Sophia and get the chance to have a conversation with her.

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Talk "GCC in Space: Past, Present and Future"

12th October

Join The Scientific Center for a “TED” style talk, where we will host guest speakers from Orbital Space and the UAE Space Agency who will be discussing the history, present and future of space related science activities in the GCC. Orbital Space is the first private company in the Middle East to provide access to space just outside planet Earth. They aim to provide the tools and know-how to make space accessible for all, and will be going in-depth into their current CubeSat program. The United Arab Emirates’ interest in astronomy and space sciences dates back to the 1970’s, and in 2014 the UAE Space Agency was established, with the aim of developing the country’s space sector. The agency is responsible for establishing partnerships, assisting academic programs, advancing national and regional space exploration, and investing in research, development and commercial space projects. Guest speakers will be discussing the upcoming Emirates Mars Mission, set to arrive at Mars in 2021 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE.

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“Experiment in Space” Competition

A competition literally out of this world in association with NASA

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Junior Astronaut Program

10th, 17th, 24th & 31st October

A four week program where kids attend once a week to explore the planets of our solar system, phases of the moon as well as some basic rocket science!

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Hands on CubeSat Workshop

12th October

Have your children learn about satellites and work on their own to understand scientific principles related to how satellites orbit the earth. Get hands on instruction and activities from both Scientific Center educators and Orbital Space team members. Orbital Space is the first private company in the Middle East to provide access to space just outside planet Earth. They aim to provide the tools and know-how to make space accessible for all.

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Moon Photography Workshop

10th & 11th October

Learn the basics of moon photography using a telescope and the skills to edit your photos in this unique 2 day workshop. (Over +18)

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Lego® Mindstorms®

4th & 17th October

Come and visit our LEGO® Mindstorms® work station and take on our EV3 Space Challenge – where students explore and create innovative solutions for current exploration topics.

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17th, 18th & 19th October

Now is the chance to experience Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece; Interstellar, on Kuwait’s largest IMAX screen on breathtaking laser projection.

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Journey to Space

Travel to the future and follow the first Mars landing in this 3D adventure that is based on true scientific theories about the red planet.

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Mission to Mars

5th, 10th, 11th & 12th October

Groups challenge each other to plan and pilot a mission to Mars using NASA’s Mars 2030 software. Using this virtual reality platform, participants explore Mars and operate a geo-workstation. Our explainers help players understand the science behind this exciting VR game.

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Interactive Story-Telling

3rd & 26th October

Kids are introduced to ‘Curiosity’ the mars rover in an interactive story, told from the perspective of the rover itself. This is followed by a workshop where we build ebots that resemble curiosity in its form and function.

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3rd & 26th October

Paired with the Free Interactive Storytelling offered within the Discovery Place, children can continue learning about the ‘Curiousity’ Mars Rover with a STEM Lab where they will construct e-bots that resemble Curiousity in its form and function.

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Space Lab: The Solar System

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Drop into Discovery Place anytime between 5:30 and 8 PM and participate in some fun educational activities related to space.


Family Science Series

1st & 2nd November

Participants are given a series of engineering challenges to help them design, build and test their own space rocket & space suit.

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Solar System Scavenger Hunt

Think you know everything there is to know about the solar system? We challenge you to a solar system scavenger hunt! Stop by Discovery Place, get briefed by mission control and take a journey through the solar system. Kids get to interact with their own astronaut.

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Journey Through the Solar System (Star Show)


Take an exciting journey through the solar system, guided by Discovery Place’s own astronaut. Learn about the eight planets, their unique characteristics and how they were formed.

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