Strawberry Picking Season has Started!



Strawberry Picking in K-Town


Many farms around the world allow you to visit and pick your own fresh fruits, this amazing feeling of being so close to nature and being able to pick the fruits yourself is now possible in Kuwait, YES Blue Lake Farm is one such place where you do the strawberry picking, and is a must visit during the mild Kuwait winter months.


As soon as you enter the strawberry farm, you will be given a plastic container and a pair of scissors, I know, not quite the same as crawling on your knees in the Kent countryside getting covered in sweet, sticky strawberry juice, but still a lovely delight to pick your own strawberries.


Apart from strawberries, Blue Lake farm also has a Sugar Cane field, a beautiful flower garden, farm animals, a lake and tents that may be rented for 10KD a day, though access to the farm is free of charge. There’s also a farm shop where you can buy honey, a variety of fresh teas, farm produce and fresh flower bouquets.


Strawberry picking is ONLY on Fridays and the doors open at 12:30pm, so don’t be late to make sure you find the juiciest of the crop!


Blue Lake farm in located in Abdaly area around 130 KM North of Kuwait City.


Photos Courtesy of Q8 India Portal


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