The Festival of Arts & Dance

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The Festival of Arts & Dance, a mixture of all forms of Art with a focus on dance is LAPA's initiative to bring together culture, youth and art education with a hint(a lot) of fun.

After the success from 2017 Dec, FAD will be happening again this year from the 1st until the 5th of Dec.

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Mash Art

Calling artists of any level, seriously any level! Whether a beginner or a professional in the fields of fashion, music, design and fine arts to be a part of Mash Art 2018.

Mash Art is a group competition where various artists are divided randomly into 7 separate teams with 7 prominent leader chosen by LAPA, and are given a theme to put together a performance including all the skills and artistic forms of the team members.

After the success during FAD 2017, Mash Art is back and will be a main part of FAD 2018.

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Level UP!

A solo dance competition designed to let you express yourself in your own style, get ahead in your career as a dancer, and grow more with world renowned guest judges.

Level UP was also a major part of FAD 2017, and is back again for FAD 2018.

This competition will take place in 3 rounds in the following order:-

This competition is open to participants of all age groups, of all forms and styles of dance from all around the G.C.C.

  • Auditions- The contestants will perform in their respective styles of dance in front of the judges;
  • Choreography- The contestants who qualify from round 1 will be put to the test by learning and performing a routine by one of our choreographers;
  • Finale- Those who qualify from round 2 will take the stage once again to showcase their capabilities.


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