Sailing in Kuwait

By Millie: Source Kuwait Sailing Club

KSC was formed in the 1990's to promote sailing amongst the expat community in Kuwait. The club is friendly and informal with great sailing for both experts and novices. They have as many members joining simply to watch the sailing, sunbathe and enjoy the barbeque on race days (see the photographs). However, don't be fooled by the laid back atmosphere, once on the water the racing is competitive!


Visitors are always welcome to call into the club to see the facilities, get information regarding joining the club or how to become involved in sailing at Messilah Beach.


Most of the boats at the club are privately owned by their members. They have a limited number of club boats (Lasers, Optimist and Topper) available for members with competent sailing skills to use. If you have never sailed before but are keen to learn then go down to the club and talk to some of the helms about being a crew. They don't offer formal training programmes but many good sailors have learnt to sail by starting out as the crew.


Sailing Days and Times

KSC is open for sailing all year round. Quite a few club members brave the heat of the summer and the cold waters of the winter.


Friday's are the main sailing day at KSC. On a race day most members arrive around 9:00 AM in order to set up and be ready for the first race at 10:30 AM. On non-race days there's not such an early rush so you''ll normally find people turning up around 10:00/10:30AM (2pm in June-August) to rig the boats and put up the sun shades.


Sailing carries on for most of the day on a Friday. Boats and crews are in and out of the water, stopping for the provided and much needed rest, shade, water, soft drinks and BBQ (BBQs are held on race days)


Members can use the club on other days but they must abide by the club rules on safety (especially guard/rescue boat cover) and to Messilah Beach's rules on ladies days.


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