The Peace Festival

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The Kuwait Peace Music Festival


In collaboration with (LAPA), Al Shaheed Park organizes the Peace Festival for the third year which includes several concerts that aim to reinforce love and peace through musical heritage. Thus, artists whose names became synonymous with these values were picked to create an atmosphere of refinement and ascension, bringing joy to both the singer and the listener.


The concerts will be held outside in the fabulous Theatre at Al Shaheed Park, and tickets are free of charge.


23rd October      Al Sarah and The Nubatones

Alsarah is a singer, songwriter, bandleader and a somewhat reluctant ethnomusicologist. Born in Khartoum, Sudan, she relocated to Yemen with her family before abruptly moving to the USA,  finally feeling most at home in Brooklyn, NY where she has been residing since 2004. She is a self-proclaimed practitioner of East-African Retro-Pop music. Working on various projects, she has toured both nationally and internationally.


With her main outfit, Alsarah & the Nubatones, she has released 2 full-length albums titled Silt , followed by Manara  (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2014 and 2016). She has also released 1 full-length album with French electronic producer Débruit titled Aljawal (Soundways Recordings, 2013). And she was featured on the Nile Project‘s debut CD, Aswan (named in the top 5 must hear international albums by NPR, 2014).


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25th October      Cairo Steps

Cairo Steps merges and combines traditional Egyptian and oriental grooves with modern jazz improvisation, classical music and contemporary sounds. The music is influenced by spiritual ethnic music as well as European music traditions and alternates between strong unison rhythms, virtuoso solos and meditative soundscapes. The result is a unique music style and an exciting blend of various cultures.

Cairo Steps pursues the vision of crossing cultural, political and religious borders and building bridges between the occident and the orient.


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27th October      Faia Younan

Faia Younan was born on 20 June 1992 in the village of Al-Malikiyah, Syria, to a Syriac family and grew up in the city of Aleppo. At the age of eleven she moved to Sweden with her family and settled there until she moved to Scotland in 2010 to study Social Sciences in the Glasgow University. In spring 2015, she decided to become a professional singer and she moved to Beirut to commit to Arabic music.


After publishing the video she created with her sister Rihan, titled "To Our Countries" and which went viral on YouTube and received exceptional attention, Faia found a big support and an audience encouraging her to continue her journey in singing. The success of the video had the biggest impact on her decision on turning singing from merely a hobby to a full-time commitment. After a successful crowd funding campaign, Faia released her debut single "Ohebbou Yadayka" (I Love Your Hands) followed by two other singles. "A sea between us"—Faia's debut album and contains 9 songs.


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