A Night with a Difference

By According to Mimi


A Night with a Difference


How to make sure you never miss your target? Shoot first and call whatever you hit the target 😂


Us girls had a night out to bid a friend who was leaving Kuwait goodbye and decided to a bunch of fun random stuff, making it up as we went along. Anyway, the shooting range at @airgun.q8 (here's another of their accounts @gannas_al_rheeb), down in Shuwaikh (for directions click [Here]), was one of our pitstops and it was great!


Prices are 15kd for an hour or 7.5kd for half an hour. You can also split the one airgun between friends if you're just in it for the Instagram photos. (Aren't we all?) It was a fun stop and we learnt we weren't such bad shots after all. Haha! The targets are pretty close up though.


Thank to “According to Mimi” for her review, and you catch more from her awesome blog at: http://www.accordingtomimi.com/


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