Beat the Heat in K-Town

By Millie & Maryann Horne


The thermometers are already exploding into the bright red and the UV rates are alarming. That’s it.  Kuwait is officially topping the hot charts. And not necessarily for the right reasons.


But rather than hibernate, there are plenty of ways to flee the heat and here are just some of Livinq8’s favourite haunts to forget the inferno and cool yourself down.





It’s an all time favourite not just for children. At less than a KD per entrance and ice skates provided, Kuwait’s ice-skating rink is one of the coolest places in the desert. Its open all summer, including during Ramadan. Nothing fancy, no frills and certainly not over crowded, its one of those classics you discover only to return again and again and again.

Address: Al-Soor St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone:+965 2241 1151 or try the smaller but better equipped Rink at the Promenade Mall





Housed in a large villa, this ethnographic museum is one of the most exquisite regional cultural must do’s. And once you have visited, you will want to go back and hang out for more. The museum was assembled as a private collection of Islamic art by Kuwait’s first minister of antiquities and his British wife, Jehan. Paintings, jewellery, costumes and even table utensils. You’ll learn but become yet more curious as you discover the incredible Islamic art on how. A painting of Lady Jane Digby of Palmyra, who lived in tents in the winter and a Damascus villa in the summer, mark the entrance to this incredible museum who is one of our all time favourites.

Address: House 22, Block 12, Street 5, Jabriya,

Telephone+965 2531 7358





With its fantastic views of the Kuwait Towers, a fabulous menu, an exclusive chocolatier and a restaurant decorated with impeccable taste, drop your anchor. Avocado and quinoa salad or just an expresso, pick your spot in the cool and bright establishment while your eyes linger over the turquoise waters of the Gulf. Dress smartly as you’re bound to encounter groups of affluent women socializing, particularly on week-day mornings.

Address Arabian Gulf St,

Telephone +965 180 5050

More information




360 MALL

The water features of the 360 Mall, coupled with the green vegetation makes it the place to hang out. There is an abundance of parking and easy access without traffic congestion. The light and airy feel with marble floors and the luxury touch will draw you back again and again. Cinema, bowling, restaurants galore, and the latest handbag or lingerie fashion. Its your feet you will need to cool after hours of shopping.

Address: Sixth Ring Road,

Telephone:  +965 25309530 - 1800 360





It may sound obvious but it is tucked away and not necessarily well published. The water park is however an all time favourite and opening times accommodates avoiding the blasting sun.

Open from 8 am to 11 pm. 1,5 KD entrance.

Address: Ta’awen St, Messilah,

Telephone: +965 2565 0642





Go and seek out the sharks, the mad otter, the desert rats and share their cool habitats. There are over 54 animals, including insects at the centre which is a rare treat for children and adults alike. You can watch the sharks, rays and animals being fed (click [Here] for feeding schedules). A lesson in natural sciences awaits and you can always rest your feet at Costa Coffee in the spacious central area. Children can take part in one of the summer camps (click [Here] for details). The 3D IMAX cinema also has some great films on nature and the oceans so if you think you’ve already done it. Think again. There is enough to come back several times over the long hot summer.




Wile away the warm summer evenings with some eclectic Arabic vibes, enjoying a shisha, delicious food and excellent service at Uptown Lounge, in the heart of Kuwait City. The ambiance is chilled, with outside air conditioning in their lovely gardens, but if you want to sit inside, you’re also in for a treat. The crowd is local and it’s a place to be seen. Located close to the church, it shares its location with Starbucks & Dar Al Funoon Gallery, in the renovated old houses of Kuwait. For directions click [Here]



Yes, you and your little ones can learn the art of wakeboarding, so much fun, and a delight to not fall into freezing cold water!!! Lessons are held in the peaceful lagoons of Khiran, for further information, please contact Q8Balance on 6613.0092