Kuwaits Botanical Gardens: An Oasis in the Kuwaiti Desert

By Millie


Imagine being able to discover this wonderful botanical oasis, set within the Emir's Bayan Palace? It occupies an area of 15,793 m². Almost 3,500 m² of space is devoted to the cultivation of various exotic plants in the glasshouse. Despite temperatures hitting peaks of 53 degrees Celsius outside, the indoor climate is carefully controlled. It has 6 different garden and 4 different climate zones.

It isn't as big as Kew Gardens or The Eden Project, but it is still a fabulous place to visit. All the plants are labeled, however, there isn't a guidebook that explains about the plants, so take your phone to Wikipedia!

Open to the public every Thursday morning, between 9am & 1pm, with entry free of charge, no booking required, you just have to leave your civil id with security to enter this paradise. If you're interested in visiting here's the location [Here]

Click [Here] for a sneak peak of the surprise that awaits you