The National Library of Kuwait: A Literary Gem

By Millie


The history of the National Library of Kuwait dates back to 1913, when the Charity Association established Kuwait’s’ first public library. A decade later, in 1923, a group of Kuwait’s elites and intellectuals called for the establishment of a national library to house a vast collection of valuable books, manuscripts, and periodicals. Due to the success of the library and large visitor turn out, the government decided to host the library and include it within the Department of Information in 1937, renaming it the Library of Public Information.


For the next 40 years, the Library of Public Information carried the cultural and intellectual torches of Kuwait, receiving and preserving valuable books and volumes on all subjects ranging from Arabic literature to the sciences and history.


In 1979, responsibility of the library of Public Information was passed over to The National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters and the library was renamed the Central Library of the State. By this time, the library had grown to encompass over 60,000 books and volumes, as well as over 6000 periodicals- both Arabic and foreign, in addition to a large number of rare manuscripts.


The Kuwait National Library is not only home to over 60,000 books, (in many different languages), but also to ancient manuscripts and valuable documents, has a dedicated children's library, teens library, a library for people with visual impairment, (yes they have books in braille and an audio visual room), a library dedicated to Kuwait history & heritage containing many rare treasures as well as a private books hall that has many books given by their authors to the library.


The library also hosts many events, indeed they will host The Writers Hub Annual Conference on the 1st March, so be sure to check out their website to stay up to date with their happenings.


There really is soooo much to see, and you could easily spend a few hours browsing through the treasure troves. Don't miss this opportunity whilst you're in Kuwait.


Click [Here] to see a fraction of what The National Library has to offer.


The National Library of Kuwait is open daily 8am – 2pm

And is located on the Arabian Gulf Street, next to Kuwait National Museum

Visit their website to learn more: